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Cross-border services is not just providing courier services across boundaries. It’s about making use of professional e-commerce research to connect all the dots, and link all the elements of the supply chain, at competitive rates. What it results in a customized set of logistic solutions, guaranteed to take Loomis International Couriers Service’s client business to the next level. Our value chain proposition includes all the components to make an e-commerce success-story, right from international courier services to logistics distribution. Exploring new fields and articulating all the factors to get an optimized solution is what separates Loomis International Couriers Service from the rest..

  • Best In Delivery

    By Loomis International Couriers Service

Best In Delivery

Fast and reliable.

  • Best in Packing

    By Loomis International Couriers Service

Best In Packing

Carefulness is the part of the course we did in school, We assure you the best.

  • Best In Transport

    By Loomis International Couriers Service

Best In Transport

We have a well trained drivers, Pilot and captains, after all every one values his or her life, what to think of.

  • Best In Timing

    By Loomis International Couriers Service

Best In Timing

We learnt that time is irreversible, what values more of what you can not get if lost.

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We are Loomis International Couriers Service, We are everywhere.

Need delivery tomorrow? Want to track your shipment or find a drop-off location? International parcel and document delivery and much more from Loomis International Couriers Service.

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Board Of Trustee.

When we say we have backing, We do..

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Customer Service

I want to compliment to your excellent service as your entire team always went to great lengths to help me to enhance my business. I have always received quality service at your FC. Team knows just what to do to solve my issues quickly and always come with solution-oriented approach. Such service builds great working relationships.

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